Mukesh Ambani: Jio Financial Services was recently spun off from Reliance Industries. The share price of this company is fixed in BSE and NSE. Shares of this company came in demat account or not?

New Delhi | August 11, 2023 : Jio Financial Services was recently demerged from Reliance Industries. The share price of this company is fixed in BSE and NSE. This new company of Mukesh Ambani, the richest businessman in Asia, hit the ginger market. Jio Financial Services Limited (JFSL ) showed the sky to the competitors.The new company has a market value of over $20 billion. In this regard, JFSL is ahead of Gautam Adani’s Coal India and Indian Oil and Ratan Tata’s Tata Steel. The share price of Jio Financial Services was fixed on 20th July. The price was fixed at Rs 261.85 per share on the NSE. Reliance investors hit the lottery. But as promised, the shares of the new company have been deposited in your Demat account or not?

The value of the share was fixed

The share was fixed at Rs 261.85 on the National Stock Exchange. The IPO of this company will come in two-three months. In the pre-open session, the Reliance share price on the NSE touched Rs 2,580 per share. Earlier, the closing price on NSE was Rs 2,841.85. 2,841.85-2,580 : 261.85 per share price based on these two prices.

What is the value on BSE?

Reliance’s share price touched 2,589 per share in the special pre-open session on BSE. A day ago, the closing price of the share was Rs 2,840. Based on these prices, the share price was fixed at Rs 251: 2,840-2,589 on BSE.

Position in Nifty 50

Jio Financial Services has already got placement in Nifty 50 and Sensex. As long as the company is not listed separately in the stock market, there will be no change in the share price. On August 28, three days after the listing, the company will be delisted.

Deposited shares in the account

Reliance Industries Limited announced that Jio Financial Services shares have been credited to investors’ accounts. According to the company’s Twitter handle, the shares were credited to the demat accounts of the shareholders on August 10.

Listing likely on 28th August

Shares of JFSL will trade after listing on the stock exchange. The official announcement about when the listing of this company will take place has not been given by the company. But according to an estimate, the listing of Jio shares may be announced in the AGM on August 28.

Such benefit to investors

If there are 1000 shares of Reliance, investors will get 1000 shares of JFSL. Now the price of one share has been fixed at Rs 261.85. That means investors got a profit of Rs 2,61,850 in one stroke. They won the lottery. As this share will increase now. Investors will benefit from that. The hen that lays the golden eggs has been handed over to the investors.

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