The MiG-29 arrived at the Srinagar airbase in January this year. Before posting here, he did a long practice of flying in the Kashmir Valley.

The Indian Airforce has deployed a squadron of MiG-29 fighter jets at the Srinagar airbase. Called Defender of the North, this squadron will replace the squadron of MiG-21 fighter jets. Read from twitter

Srinagar airbase is close to China and Pakistan, hence the deployment of MiG-29 here is important. These fighter jets will now respond to threats coming from Pakistan and China.

The MiG-29s deployed in Srinagar have been upgraded and equipped with modern features. Many new features have been added to these, including long-range air-to-air missiles, night vision, air-to-air refueling.

MiG-29 fighter jets are also stationed in Ladakh:
MiG-29s were also deployed in the Ladakh sector after the 2020 standoff with China in the Galvan Valley. If there is a violation of Indian air space by China in Ladakh, this MiG-29 will be the first to respond. According to officials, the MiG-29 also has the capability to jam enemy aircraft during combat.

Squadron leader said – MiG-29 meets the needs of the valley:
Squadron Leader Vipul Sharma told that Srinagar is in the valley. Its elevation is higher than that of the plains. The weight-to-thrust ratio of the fighter jets to be deployed here should be high. The response time should be short and it should have long range missiles. The MiG-29 meets all these requirements.

Squadron Leader Shivam Rana told that the upgraded MiG-29 can be flown at night with the help of night vision goggles. It can take fuel from other aircraft in the sky, so that it can fly for long distances.

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