In a lighthearted exchange, Cristiano Ronaldo has playfully ribbed his ex-Real Madrid teammate, Sergio Ramos, regarding their Instagram follower counts. With a staggering 600 million followers, Cristiano Ronaldo holds the title of being the most followed individual on Instagram.

Recently, Ramos celebrated reaching a milestone of 60 million followers on his Instagram account, a commendable feat in its own right. However, this count is significantly less than Ronaldo’s colossal following. In response to Ramos’ celebratory post, Ronaldo couldn’t resist making a teasing comment. He remarked, “You need a zero to catch me!” along with a crying-laughing emoji.

The playful banter took place on social media , where interactions between celebrities often entertain and amuse their fans. The camaraderie between the two former teammates showcased their friendly relationship beyond the football pitch.

Ramos, who recently left Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), where he had moved after his tenure at Real Madrid, marked his journey from 2014 to 60 million followers. As a token of appreciation for his supporters, he announced a giveaway contest for 20 pairs of autographed Mizuno boots.

Ronaldo Tweet

This light-hearted exchange underscores the bond that still exists between the two renowned football personalities, despite pursuing separate paths in their careers.

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