World Athletics Championships 2023

In a remarkable display of endurance and determination in World Athletics Championship, Uganda’s Victor Kiplangat emerged as the triumphant victor in the men’s marathon at the World Athletics Championships. The event, held on a balmy day in Budapest, Hungary, witnessed Kiplangat’s resolute performance as he crossed the finish line with a time of two hours, eight minutes, and fifty-three seconds. The young Ugandan athlete’s victory was underscored by his commanding lead of 19 seconds over his closest competitors.

World Athletics Championships

Kiplangat, who previously clinched the gold medal in the 2022 Commonwealth Games, showcased his exceptional skill and strategy throughout the race in World Athletics Championship. The marathon had initially appeared to be a tightly contested battle, with Kiplangat and Ethiopia’s Leul Gebresilase asserting their dominance as they approached the final 10-kilometer lap. However, Gebresilase’s stamina waned in the final stretch in World Athletics Championship, and it was Kiplangat who exhibited unmatched strength, breaking away from the pack around the 4-kilometer mark.

The turning point in the race marked a defining moment for Kiplangat, who managed to sustain his pace and determination despite the relentless competition. As the finish line beckoned, Kiplangat’s remarkable display of athletic prowess solidified his victory and secured his place at the forefront of the marathon world.

Even as the exhausted Gebresilase battled to maintain his position, an unexpected turn of events saw Maru Teferi of Israel seize the opportunity to make a move. Teferi, a silver medalist at the previous year’s European Athletics Championships, demonstrated remarkable resilience, overtaking Gebresilase in the final 200 meters. This last-minute surge secured the silver medal for Teferi, adding yet another layer of excitement to the marathon’s unfolding drama.

Ethiopia’s Leul Gebresilase, who had demonstrated a strong presence throughout the race, held onto his endurance and secured the bronze medal with a time of 2 hours, 9 minutes, and 19 seconds. Despite a late fade in his performance, Gebresilase’s fortitude remained evident as he fought to maintain his standing among the elite marathon runners.

Defending champion Tamirat Tola, initially part of the leading trio alongside Kiplangat and Gebresilase, faced a challenging day as his energy diminished. Unfortunately, Tola was unable to finish the race, succumbing to exhaustion after completing 39 kilometers.

The marathon’s unfolding narrative

The marathon’s unfolding narrative mirrored the unpredictable nature of endurance sports, as early leader Ser-Od Bat-Ochir of Mongolia set a brisk pace before being overtaken by the pursuing pack. The intense competition ultimately led to Kiplangat, Gebresilase, and Tola breaking away from the pack with 10 kilometers remaining, setting the stage for a dramatic conclusion.


In an event that highlighted the convergence of physical prowess and mental tenacity, Victor Kiplangat’s victory stands as a testament to his dedication and training. As the accolades are celebrated and the competitors catch their breath, Kiplangat’s name will be etched in the annals of marathon history, a symbol of excellence and determination in the world of athletics.

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