Ratan Tata, the visionary leader who propelled the Tata Group to unprecedented heights, once embarked on his career journey just like anyone else. His first job and the story behind the creation of his initial resume is a captivating tale that reveals the determination and resourcefulness of a young Ratan Tata. In this SEO-friendly news blog, we delve into Ratan Tata’s early years, shedding light on his first biodata and the pivotal moment that set the stage for his remarkable career.

The Beginnings:

Tata, the man who would later carry forward the 155-year legacy of the Tata Group, began his career as an employee. Under his visionary leadership, the Tata Group would go on to create a trillion-dollar business empire. Yet, few are aware of the humble beginnings that marked Ratan Tata’s career. In this article, we unveil the story of how Ratan Tata secured his first job and the unique circumstances that led to the creation of his very first resume.

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Crafting Ratan Tata’s First Biodata:

Upon returning to India,Tata secured a job at IBM. However, his mentor and legendary figure, JRD Tata, wasn’t entirely satisfied with this decision. Ratan Tata recalled, “He called me one day and said, ‘Why can’t you stay here in India and work for IBM?'” To make the transition to the Tata Group, Ratan Tata needed to provide his biodata to JRD Tata. However, there was a hitch – he didn’t possess a ready-made resume at the time.

Ratan Tata’s Ingenious Solution:

Faced with this challenge,Tata embarked on a remarkable journey of his own. He vividly remembers the moment when JRD Tata requested his biodata, which he simply did not have. In a stroke of ingenuity, Ratan Tata decided to craft his resume right there in the IBM office, using an electric typewriter that was at his disposal. Sitting down one evening, he meticulously typed out the details of his qualifications, experiences, and aspirations, thus creating the document that would set him on the path to a remarkable career.

A Milestone Achieved in 1962:

Tata’s newly crafted biodata ultimately opened the doors to Tata Industries in 1962. Almost three decades after securing that pivotal job, and following the passing of JRD Tata in 1991, Ratan assumed the role of Chairman of the Tata Group. Today, Ratan Tata is not only one of India’s most renowned billionaires but also an inspirational figure known for his dedication to the Tata Group’s growth.

The Lesser-Known Ambition:

While many recognize Ratan as the Chairman who elevated the Tata Group to unprecedented success, few are aware of his initial aspirations. Surprisingly, Tata had initially desired to work in an IT firm. It was JRD Tata himself who encouraged Ratan Tata to consider joining the Tata Group, a decision that would shape his career and leave an indelible mark on India’s business landscape.

Tata is a legendary figure in the world of business, renowned for his transformative leadership and unwavering commitment to innovation and social responsibility. Born into the prominent Tata family, he went on to become the Chairman of Tata Sons, the holding company of the Tata Group, and steered the conglomerate to unprecedented heights during his tenure.

Ratan Tata’s visionary approach was instrumental in expanding the group’s global footprint, diversifying its portfolio, and pioneering initiatives in diverse sectors, from automobiles to steel, and even philanthropy. Beyond his business acumen, he is admired for his philanthropic efforts and for championing causes that promote education, healthcare, and sustainable development in India. Ratan Tata’s remarkable career is a testament to his dedication to the Tata Group’s values and his lasting impact on the Indian business landscape.


Ratan Tata’s journey, from crafting his first resume on an electric typewriter to leading the Tata Group to global acclaim, is a testament to his determination and adaptability. Despite his initial ambitions taking him abroad, he returned to India to fulfill a destiny that would forever alter the course of business in the country. Tata’s story is not just a tale of success, but a reminder of how resourcefulness and persistence can transform a simple biodata into a legacy.

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