DUSU Election Result: Stay informed with live updates on the Delhi University Students Union DUSU Election Result 2023, as the battle unfolds between ABVP and NSUI. The fate of 24 candidates vying for key positions, including President, Vice President, Secretary, and Joint Secretary, hangs in the balance. Join us as we cover the counting of votes, with results expected by the afternoon.

DUSU Election Result 2023

Delhi University DUSU Election Result 2023: Live Updates

Date: September 23, 2023

As the nation awaits the outcome of the Delhi University Students Union (DUSU) elections, the contest remains fierce between the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) and the National Students’ Union of India (NSUI). Left organizations, including AISA and SFI, are also in the running. The excitement is palpable as the counting of votes kicks off at 8:30 am on this Saturday morning at the Conference Centre.

DUSU result

The Battle for DUSU Election Result: What’s at Stake?

The DUSU elections concluded peacefully on Friday, and the results will be revealed today. A total of 24 candidates are vying for the crucial positions of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Joint Secretary. The decisions made today will shape the student leadership at Delhi University.

Massive Voter Turnout

With over one lakh eligible voters, the DUSU Election Result have garnered significant attention. Chief Election Officer Prof. Chandra Shekhar reported a voter turnout of 42 percent, surpassing the 2019 figure of 39.90 percent but falling short of the 2018 record of 44.46 percent. The enthusiasm among students is evident, as they cast their ballots across 52 colleges, the law faculty, and the Buddhist department.

NSUI’s Commitment to Women’s Issues

Former DUSU President Amrita Dhawan highlighted NSUI’s commitment to women’s issues. NSUI has consistently advocated for female representation, both at the DUSU and national levels. In response to the rising threat of cyberbullying faced by female students, NSUI pledges to offer legal assistance and support for all affected students, addressing various challenges within the university.

Counting Underway: Enhanced Security Measures

With the counting of votes underway, anticipation fills the air. Results are expected by 1 pm, and security has been bolstered in the North Campus area of Delhi University to ensure a smooth process. The ABVP and NSUI contest remains the center of attention, with supporters eagerly awaiting the outcome.

Diverse Candidate Pool

Out of the 24 candidates in the DUSU elections, a notable eight candidates are competing for the position of President. Additionally, six candidates are in contention for the post of Secretary, while five candidates each are vying for the positions of Vice President and Joint Secretary. The diversity of candidates reflects the dynamic nature of student politics at Delhi University.

Stay Tuned for Results

The fate of 24 candidates, their campaigns, and the aspirations of the student body are sealed within the electronic voting machines (EVMs). Keep an eye on this space for the official results, which are expected to be announced by 1 pm today.

Historic Election Amidst Challenges

These DUSU elections mark a historic moment, as they have been held after a three-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The resilience of the student body in participating in this democratic process is commendable.

Ensuring a Smooth Counting Process

North District DCP Sagar Singh Kalsi assured that more than 500 police and paramilitary personnel have been deployed to oversee the counting process. Stringent security measures are in place to prevent any disruptions, with thorough checks at the entrances of major colleges and restrictions on outsider entry.

ABVP’s Promises for Student Welfare

Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) has made significant promises in its manifesto, including free metro passes, a special bus service, and support for SC, ST, and OBC students. Other issues raised by ABVP include increased scholarship opportunities, improved hostel facilities for female students, free Wi-Fi in college and hostel premises, and the establishment of East and West campuses.

Final Thoughts

As the clock ticks, the excitement and anticipation surrounding the DUSU Election Result 2023 continue to grow. The results will not only determine the student leadership but also reflect the pulse of the Delhi University student body. Stay with us for live updates on this crucial event, and witness the unfolding of democracy in action.

Stay tuned for the latest updates on the DUSU Election 2023!

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