The recent arrest and conviction of former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan in a corruption case have ignited a storm of controversy and concern. Khan, a prominent figure in Pakistani politics and a former cricketing hero, has been sentenced to three years in prison. However, the circumstances surrounding his detention in the high-security Attock Jail have raised alarming allegations of substandard treatment, likened to that of terrorists. In this blog post, we delve into the unfolding situation, shedding light on the claims made by Khan’s lawyer and the conditions he is reportedly facing in his prison cell.

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The Allegations of Inadequate Conditions:

Khan’s lawyer, Naeem Haider Panjotha, has painted a grim picture of the conditions in which the former Prime Minister is being held. Despite his high-profile status, Khan has allegedly been confined to a C-grade facility within Attock Jail, located in Punjab province. This downgrade in living conditions is said to be accompanied by degrading treatment that has drawn comparisons to how terrorists are treated.

The jail cell itself has been described as tiny and infested with vermin. Flies and insects reportedly plague the environment, making it an unsanitary and uncomfortable space. To exacerbate the situation, Khan is said to be confined to a small room with an open toilet, a situation that strips him of basic privacy and dignity.

Khan’s Lawyer Voices Concerns:

Panjotha, who visited Khan in jail, revealed the distressing conditions that Khan is experiencing firsthand. The former Prime Minister is reported to have conveyed his readiness to endure a life behind bars. Furthermore, Panjotha highlighted that Khan was allegedly denied the sight of his arrest warrant and recounted an incident where law enforcement officers attempted to forcibly enter his wife’s room during the arrest at their Lahore residence.

During the meeting, Khan reportedly detailed the harrowing conditions he faces in the prison cell. He spoke of the room’s dim lighting, the presence of an open toilet, and the disturbing infestations of flies during the day and ants at night.

Khan’s arrest stemmed from a corruption case, with the trial court finding him guilty of corrupt practices related to the Toshakhana corruption case. He has to spend 3 years in jail. The decision led to his relocation to Attock Jail in Punjab province, although the court has instructed authorities to transfer him to Adiala Jail in Rawalpindi.

Imran Khan

This marks the second time in a span of three months that Imran Khan has faced arrest. He has been accused of illegally profiting from the sale of government gifts, totaling nearly half a million dollars. Khan firmly denies any wrongdoing, asserting that he legally acquired these items from Toshakhana, a state-owned treasury house.


The case of Imran Khan’s detention and the allegations of inhumane treatment in Attock Jail have ignited a fierce debate in Pakistan and beyond. As the situation continues to unfold, the treatment of the former Prime Minister Imran Khan raises serious questions about human rights, dignity, and the fairness of the legal process. It remains to be seen how this controversy will be resolved and whether Imran Khan’s allegations of substandard treatment will be addressed by the authorities.

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