Heavy Rain in Himachal Pradesh: Due to intermittent rains since Sunday evening in various areas of Himachal Pradesh, several link roads including the main ones have been closed due to landslides. Vehicular movement has also come to a standstill due to the closure of the road. The state government has announced the closure of all schools and colleges in the state as landslides triggered by incessant rains blocked several roads in the last 24 hours.

Heavy Rain in Himachal Pradesh: Due to heavy rains in Himachal Pradesh, flood and landslide-like situation has arisen in many areas. Beas river is in spate in the state. At the same time, 5 people died and three people went missing due to cloudburst in Jadon village of Solan. Due to the flood, the cowshed and two houses were washed away in the district. The India Meteorological Department has issued a ‘yellow’ alert in the state, predicting heavy rains on Monday

Debris entered houses due to cloudburst

There is information about three people getting buried due to sewage entering the house in .Nalyana of Tanyahad Panchayat of Dharampur. At the same time, in Kandaiwala of Nahan, 50 houses have been filled with debris due to cloudburst on Sunday late evening.

Many areas in the lap of Dhundh

The hilly area of ​​the district including Churah, Saloni is completely in the lap of haze. On the other hand, the district administration has advised people not to go out of the house in bad weather. Along with this, the drivers have also been told to take the vehicle keeping the safety in mind.

Property worth more than 7 thousand crores destroyed
At the same time, 260 people have died due to monsoon rains in the state so far. While 32 people are missing. So far, more than 8 thousand houses have become victims of destruction in the state. On the other hand, according to the statistics of the state government, property worth more than 7 thousand crores has been destroyed in the state so far.

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