Passport New Rule:

The Government of India has made a major change in the rule of passport application process. Now it is mandatory to upload documents on DigiLocker for passport application.

The Government of India has made a major change in the passport application process for international travel. Applicants for new passports will now have to use the government platform DigiLocker. All the documents have to be uploaded using DigiLocker. Once the documents are uploaded, applicants can make their passport application online through the official website,


The Indian Passport stands as a legally sanctioned document granted by the government, facilitating international travel for individuals seeking to journey abroad. Beyond its role as a travel permit, it holds significance as an authentic identity proof in foreign territories, solidifying one’s presence and identity beyond national borders.

Rooted in the Passport Act of 1967, the foundational legislation governs the procedures and regulations surrounding passport issuance to individuals. This legislative framework has undergone a series of transformative amendments and additions over time, culminating in the contemporary passport regulations that govern today’s procedures.

The authoritative body for passport issuance resides within the Ministry of External Affairs. Regional Passport Offices execute the meticulous processing and issuance of passports in specific geographic areas. Given the passport’s pivotal role in verifying identity while overseas, stringent protocols are in place to ensure its issuance only to deserving and eligible candidates. Rigorous measures are implemented to prevent any inadvertent misplacement of passports, reinforcing their security.

Aspiring passport recipients are equally responsible for adhering to a well-defined set of protocols during the application process. Thorough guidelines dictate the accurate completion of application forms, their online submission, the seamless settlement of passport fees, the scheduling of appointments at passport offices, subsequent police verification processes, and the ultimate issuance of the passport.

The authority vested in the passport issuance process empowers officials to reject applications if applicants fail to comply with the stipulated rules. Consequently, staying informed about the most current and up-to-date regulations governing passport issuance is paramount, as deviations from these guidelines could potentially lead to disruptions in the application process.

What is DigiLocker?

DigiLocker is a digital wallet service provided by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. In this, users can securely store and access government documents such as driving license, vehicle registration certificate and marksheet. The Ministry has now also permitted the use of Aadhaar documents through DigiLocker for online application submission.

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