Cheapest Train Ticket: Traveling by train in India is cheap and comfortable as compared to many countries of the world. Here lakhs of people travel by train daily.

Cheapest Train Ticket: India ranks fourth in the world in terms of rail network, while seventh in terms of size. Everyday lakhs of people travel here by railway ie train. People travel both long and short distances by train. Actually traveling by train is easy and comfortable as well as cheaper than other means.

If you travel in train like this, you will save money:
The fare for traveling by train in India is less as compared to other modes of transport. Also, if you keep some things in mind while buying train tickets, then you can also buy railway tickets cheaply. So let’s know how…

Three options in ac class:
During the journey by train, you must have seen that there are many types of coaches in it. These include AC coaches, sleeper coaches and general coaches. AC coaches are also of three types – First AC, Second AC and Third AC coaches. The fare of these three coaches also varies. First AC class coach has the highest fare.

Travel in sleeper class is cheaper:
The fare for second ac is slightly less then first ac. At the same time, the fare of third ac coach is less than that of second ac. According to inflation, the place of sleeper coach comes after AC coach, whose fare is even less. Here the passengers have the option of making seat reserve i.e reservation. In such a situation, if you want to travel cheaply and want to buy cheap tickets along with reservation, then you can book sleeper coach tickets.

After AC and sleeper, there are also general coaches for the journey of passengers in the train, which is also called general coach. Compared to AC and sleeper coaches, the journey is the cheapest i.e. less fare. It is also known as unreserved coach. Passengers can travel cheaply by sitting in this coach and can also save money.

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